Elevated Real Estate Networking in 7 Steps

Elevated Real Estate Networking in 7 Steps

We wish real estate networking was as simple as requesting to connect on LinkedIn or Facebook and crossing our fingers. But, life isn’t that easy.


Real estate networking is a proactive process that requires both time and energy. For real estate agents, networking is a way to build valuable industry connections that open endless windows of opportunity.


Want to power up your real estate networking? Today, we will cover the 7 easy-to-follow steps of elevated real estate networking.


  1. Prepare to Have Interesting Real Estate Conversations

The foundation of real estate networking is having the knowledge to hold a conversation on your own. Why? If all you do is listen, you won’t be memorable nor make meaningful connections.


Before any actual real estate networking, make sure to hit the books, podcasts, articles, online courses, and so on. Take time to understand basic real estate concepts and have a gist of the current trends. While you don’t need to be a master of each topic, you'll want to have a general grasp of the industry; At least enough to show genuine interest and to ask relevant questions.


  1. Identify Your Goal

There are many ways to invest, manage, and sell — is there one that interests you especially? A pitfall of real estate networking is the sheer size of the industry. There’s a lot of information out there, and most of it won’t serve you in the long run. Time is valuable so you want to make the most out of it.


Identify the reason for your real estate networking endeavors. This goal will keep you focused while searching for and making connections.


  1. Find Your Ideal Opportunities and Resources

So, what's out there for you? It’s time to join the right groups and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming real estate networking events.


If you’re interested in meeting other realtors, investors, and mortgage brokers locally — your first order of business is to join your local real estate association. Being an association member will grant you access to association events and networking information. Depending on your goal, consider joining state or national real estate associations too.


Don’t forget to join real estate networking groups online. You’ll be surprised to see the number of results that come up with just a Google search.


  1. Show Up and Be Confident 

We know that it can be scary to show up to a real estate networking event. But, It’s time to take the leap! We promise that it gets easier the more networking events you attend.


For now, make sure to be confident. Don’t stand alone in the corner and wait for someone to come talk to you — it’s not happening. Confidence goes a long way and people gravitate to it. If you act like you belong, people will think so too. Don’t tell someone that house flipping is something that you might want to do. Instead, be assertive and tell people that you are actively looking for bargain deals and to give you a call.


  1. Converse and Show Genuine Interest

The energy that you put out will be reciprocated while networking. Instead of handing out a business card after irrelevant small talk, why not show you actually care? With every person you talk to, lean in and ask questions. This can unravel a business partner, mentor, or even a lifelong friend that would have otherwise been missed.


While, yes, the goal of your networking is to forward your real estate goals, remember that there’s a person on the other side. At LendPro Mortgage, we’re ready to help you when you’re ready to go!


  1. Offer Help

Real estate networking operates based on the law of reciprocity. What we mean by that is that there should be perceived benefits for both you and the person you’re trying to network with. Otherwise, it’s unlikely you’ll hear back from them.

Try to offer help when you can. As you talk to people and learn about their situations, brainstorm ways you can serve them. You never know when your skills, experiences, and existing connections could come in handy.


  1. Diversify Your Networking

Once you get the hang of real estate networking, don’t stay in your bubble. Network in different places. Attend different types of events. If you pull from different pots, you’ll multiply your chances of finding the right people for your goal. Want to join our network? Contact us at LendPro Mortgage today!