May 13, 2022

7 Fresh Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2022 & Beyond

The real estate industry has seen tremendous ebbs and flows in the last year. This has made lead generation and marketing all the more challenging. The great ideas of 2021 might continue to work in 2022. But, they also might not.  


Interested in the best ways to do marketing in real estate this year? Today, we’ll be covering actionable steps that you can take immediately to improve your marketing. 


Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable seat, and dive right into these 7 fresh real estate marketing ideas for 2022 & beyond. 

  1. Consider Real Estate Specific Marketing Software 

Software like HubSpot and Canva can only get you so far. There's no need to settle for any marketing software these days. What you should strive for is a marketing solution for agents by agents.  


This real estate marketing software is designed with your customers in mind. The right metrics are measured, the right templates are available, and the right tools are offered.  


Choose an exceptional real estate marketing solution, and you’ll be able to streamline your processes and automate them to the next level. Here's a list of the top real estate marketing solutions to get you started. 

  1. Create Videos? Captions, Captions, Captions 

Seems simple, but don’t underestimate this real estate marketing idea. Verizon Media revealed that 69% of consumers watch videos with the sound off. The numbers are even higher for mobile users. 


Beyond making your company more accessible, closed captions improve SEO ranking, viewership, and engagement. Adding closed captions is easy too. Use a free captioning tool like Amara or DotSub, and voila!  

  1. Put a Chatbot on Your Real Estate Website 

These days, chatbots are expected from businesses.  

They offer a sense of comfort to consumers, knowing that support (whether from AI or a real person) is only a few clicks away. 


Chatbots are valuable for you on other levels too. They’re a great way to engage with potential audiences 24/7 when you aren’t available, and they collect important data that can be used later. 

  1. Use Virtual Staging Software 

Want to stage a property without the expensive hassle of moving and hauling furniture? Enter virtual staging software. It’s a seamless way to showcase the full potential of a unit and create that welcoming feeling that buyers want to feel. Virtual staging software is legal and ethical, provided that buyers know that units are virtually staged.  


When in doubt, use a clear watermark stating so. 

  1. Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Users 

It’s not enough to have a website that functions just okay on mobile. Billions of consumers spend time scrolling on their phones, and potential home buyers are no exception.  


In fact, NAR’s 2021 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report reveals that those aged between 22 and 40 conducted approximately 70% of their home search on mobile devices.  


Here are some considerations to optimize your mobile page: 


  • Choose a mobile responsive theme 
  • Re-design images, pop-ups, and banners if necessary 
  • Use cache plugins to improve load time 
  • (If possible) create a well-functioning app 
  • Assess your website's mobile-friendliness with Google’s simple test 


  1. Get Yourself Published 

If you want to be a real estate professional that everybody turns to, you need to build credibility. How? Get your real estate expertise and opinions published in a reputable publication. 


It’s going to be hard to hand yourself on a column of Forbes or Business Insider overnight. Don’t feel discouraged. Instead, build up your credibility by writing for local magazines and publications first. Consider teaming up with a local publication to add a real estate column if there isn’t one already. 


Writing locally might even help you find local leads in the process. 

  1. Start a Podcast 

Content marketing was important, is important, and will continue to be important for years to come. Podcasting — when done right — is a great source of content marketing that pulls consumers to you. Simply hearing your voice and getting a taste of your personality will help consumers relate to you. 


Of course, don’t be a bore. To see the best results from podcasting, don’t be a generic “guide to buying a house” podcast and bring actionable value to the table. If you don’t bring value to your audience — a competitor will. 



 Get Out There

However, you do it, it’s important to get your name out there in the communities you serve. At LendPro Mortgage, we are proud of our team and the decades of experience we have. Our clients love them and are great with word-of-mouth, but a little old fashioned marketing won’t ever hurt either.